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I may be calling this too soon, but I believe the weather has officially spiked above freezing for the season. To most of you, that probably means it’s time to put away the sidewalk salt and break out your bathing suits. To me, it means it’s ICE CREAM SEASON!

This is not to say, of course, that I’ve taken a break from training during the winter. Frozen treats are not a hobby I pick up when the sun comes out. September to April are my preparation months-stretch out the dessert stomach, prime those insulin receptors, and discover new flavors. But now it’s game time and I need your advice:
My favorite place in Indianapolis for ice cream is Handel’s. But I don’t discriminate: soft serve, hard serve, gelato, froyo-all loved in my book. Every week I’ll be doing Sundae Sundays. Send me your recommendations!


4 thoughts on “ICE CREAM!

  1. You forgot frozen custard! Ritter’s is the best 🙂 Their Nutty Aunt Ella and Lavendar Pomegranate were both fantastic :-d

    That’s right. I busted out a lip-licking emoticon for your blog.

  2. All the fancy ice cream places are great, but when I need a real treat, I get an oreo blizzard from the Queen. Or cinnamon ice cream, if anyone knows where they have cinnamon ice cream let me know.

    • Actually, I tend to agree with you. I love some tasty gourmet ice cream but Dairy Queen makes the HELL out of a regular banana split. Plus, they make those dipped cones that shed melting chocolate all over your lap and they have that mysterious crunch coating. Good call, sir.

      As for the cinnamon, I haven’t heard of any but that sounds delectable. I will have to try making some.

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