Burger Bonanza


I’m visiting BRU Burger on Mass Ave for a friend’s birthday party tonight, so of course my dreams last night were consumed with hot, juicy, pink-on-the-inside-like-they-ought-to-be hamburgers. I’ve been to BRU and was very happy with my lunch, but now I’m fantasizing about ALL the tasty burgers on the menu in Indianapolis. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1: Working Man’s Friend, Haughville.
Depending on where you grew up, this place may seem homey or like a total dive. I’m in the former camp but can’t deny the latter, or the fact that these burgers are The. Best. in. Town. They have an absurdly cheap special of burgers and fries and I just really like it. No craft beer, no tuna burger, no sweet potato fries, no guarantee of bodily safety in Haughville. CASH ONLY

Don't be scared, be hungry!  (Image jacked from Urbanspoon.com, as I've never had the patience to wait OUTSIDE this place)

Don’t be scared, be hungry! (Image jacked from Urbanspoon.com, as I’ve never had the patience to wait OUTSIDE this place)

In no particular order, the rest:

Bub’s Burgers, Carmel: This place has attracted Food Network’s attention for their Big Ugly Challenge wherein a person eats like 78 pounds of burger and wins nothing (well, you get a tiny photo on the wall.) For the rest of us, they offer realllllly tasty beef and elk burgers as well as jumbo hot dogs that I willl admit to having ordered slathered in chili and cheese. They also offer waffle fries which come smeared in chili, cheese, sour cream, and bacon. If that weren’t enough, they also have BARQ’s RED CREAM SODA ON DRAFT. Worth the drive.

Twenty Tap, Butler-Tarkington: Nice variety of burgers, including an Italian burger with prosciutto, arugula, and other italiany things. They offer, predictably, a selection of 20 Indiana beers, always rotating, and FRIED CHEESE CURDS. So there’s that. *They have expanded their menu to include non-burger sandwiches and more vegetarian-friendly options. While I obviously disapprove, I suppose it is nice for those of you with, like, consciences or whatever. Or who just ate a burger yesterday 🙂

Fried cheese curds with chipotle and garlic aoilis, Upland Wheat and new Holland Pumpkin Ale.  Take that, Wisconsin!

Fried cheese curds with chipotle and garlic aoilis, Upland Wheat and new Holland Pumpkin Ale. Take that, Wisconsin!

Boogie Burger, Broadripple:  Good burgers and milkshakes annnnnnd GARLIC FRIES!

Ok, I’m realizing that I choose my burger destination based on what things they fry and serve on the side. This is not because the burgers are not important, but rather because they’re all solid pieces of meat and, well, I love fried things. No shame.

Where is your go-to burger??





ice cream 3

I may be calling this too soon, but I believe the weather has officially spiked above freezing for the season. To most of you, that probably means it’s time to put away the sidewalk salt and break out your bathing suits. To me, it means it’s ICE CREAM SEASON!

This is not to say, of course, that I’ve taken a break from training during the winter. Frozen treats are not a hobby I pick up when the sun comes out. September to April are my preparation months-stretch out the dessert stomach, prime those insulin receptors, and discover new flavors. But now it’s game time and I need your advice:
My favorite place in Indianapolis for ice cream is Handel’s. But I don’t discriminate: soft serve, hard serve, gelato, froyo-all loved in my book. Every week I’ll be doing Sundae Sundays. Send me your recommendations!

New Day Meadery


This little gem is spitting distance from the fountain of Fountain Square. A few of us visited recently to celebrate engagements and it was a blast and a half.3.22.13 10

They have an extensive menu of mead they brew on site as well as several honeywines.  You can check out the offerings here: http://newdaymeadery.com/product_offerings.   New Day offers 6 tastes for $5 and an array of awesome snacks for purchase, including (at the moment) Brie with honey and prosciutto and platters from Goose. Beat that, I dare you.


Take a gander at those food and cocktail offerings.


The colors, the floors, the alcohol content!


I was, for some reason, under the impression mead was some old-timey dieselish beer. It is not. Apparently mead is what happens when you ferment honey and water, resulting in a sweet, fruity, and DISARMINGLY alcoholic concoction.  Oops.  I took home a growler of Paulding Light, a 5% Sugar, 6% ABV brew of “cranberry & honey wine with fresh lime juice added” and found it to be delicious but just too darn sweet for drinking by the glass. But this place was a unanimous favorite for it’s inexpensive tasting, gorgeous setting, and perfectly complimentary snacks. Try it out and tell me you don’t feel like you feel into Instagram when you see their hardwood floors.

</ahttp://New Day Meadery on Urbanspoon

Being powerful…


“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

It’s like the Iron Lady said, rest her soul. But like the arguably more wise Mullage says, “It ain’t trickin if you got it.”  I’m not very cool, but everything around me is, so watch while I document.