Tortas mucho excellente

I’m writing this post at the end of a long block of exams, during which I gave myself almost complete carte blanche to eat garbage whenever I felt like it.  That’s not to say some produce didn’t sneak in here or there, but believe me when I tell you that a fair amount pizza and ice cream and Sour Patch kids by the handful snuck in with a much higher frequency


Like most women I know, when the gloves are off, I head straight for bread.  And one of my favorite ways to eat bread lately is in a torta.  Torta is of course a word derived from the same family as tortilla and also indicates a flat, round piece of bread.  In this particular case, it also indicates that it’s wrapped around meat and cheese and tomato and avocado and mayonnaise.  But how exactly a torta differs from a sub sandwich is one of those things that would seem nuanced and subtle if I described it, when in reality the difference is dramatic and obvious.  Just go try one and save me the hassle of waxing poetic over the unbelievable fluffiness of the bread  and the irony of saying je ne sais pas to describe a Mexican sandwich.

There is a perfectly nice tortas shop in Fountain Square which I’m quite enamored with, Tortas Guicho Dominguez y  el Cubanito.  But on this particular day I was in Speedway, and had been itching to try a little shop catering to the factory lunch crowd called Super Tortas.  Bonus points for the shop being bright yellow and having a fun name.

photo (2)

photo (1)

Inside, the shop is…well, it isn’t fancy.  I can’t really comment on how clean or not clean it was, because it’s quite dark inside, but it seemed nice enough and the staff was BEYOND friendly.  The specials were incredibly priced and they had strawberry Jarritos, which is my favorite and not usually available, for some reason.

photo (10) photo (11)

I should note for any first-timers that at both places I mentioned, the sandwiches are served with tomato, mayonnaise, and avocado unless you ask them to hold it.  They are also served with a little dish of jardiniera, which is probably for your sandwich, but I almost invariably sneak some to munch on, then have to buy another drink when my face starts sweating.

photo (3)

I opted for the Italiana, which was basically ham and cheese.  This is what I’m talking about when I say I can’t really describe why a torta is delicious-if you go and decide the Italiana isn’t really any better than your mom’s ham and cheese sandwich, I will personally refund your $5.50

photo (7)photo (8)

Phil opted for the Super Torta Cubana, which-I’m not kidding-has Smoked Leg, Breaded Steak, Ham, Turkey, Chorizo, Hot Dog (seriously), Egg, Head Cheese, Mozzarella, Feta, and American Cheese. (This one was $7.75, by the way.  And the extra $2 goes toward meat and meat and meat)

photo (6) photo (4)

I’m embarassed to admit that we both got half our sandwiches boxed up to go, but pleased to report they reheated beautifully.  I would highly recommend the sandwiches from this little hole in the wall, and if you can overlook the sparse interior, I’d recommend staying to eat them.  If you want shiny floors and a fancy bathroom and locally sourced artisanal meats in everything, take your torta to go and sneak it into where sandwiches aren’t $5.50.  Happy eating!!

photo (12)

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