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400613_10151611777500272_1413547808_nI’ve wanted to write something about beer for quite sometime so naturally I could not pass up an offer from the lovely Anna to write in her blog! I think we are really lucky in Indiana to have so many quality breweries at our disposal. Here is my take on a few of the local Indy ones and some of their beers:

Flat 12

I really love Flat 12. An additional perk of living downtown is that it is extra convenient to bike (fairly close to the Monon) or run to this microbrewery. They have a neat indoor area (shopping cart chairs !) and a great deck outside to soak up some sun and drink up some fine brews. A couple of beers to try are their Half Cycle IPA (their bread and butter), Double Pogue’s Reserve (bourbon barrel porter), Upside Down Blonde (currently chilling in my fridge) and their Walk-About Pale Ale (has some Aussie hops and a really interesting passion fruit flavor).

Another awesome quality about this brewery is that they do a lot of cool seasonal type events. Around the holiday season, look out for their 12 Beers of Christmas tapping. They will literally tap 3-4 new beers a week for several weeks. They have something called the Glazed Ham Porter that I’ve been dying to try that they exclusive release around this time.

Sun King

This brewery is actually my least favorite of the Indy breweries. Though I admire their boldness in trying to make a unique craftbrew, they just seem to be off in making them taste right. That said, this is the only place you can try Montezuma’s Revenge (cream ale with roasted red peppers) for Cinco de Mayo. Which was pretty bad. I’ve gone consistently for the last 5-6 months and can’t say I have been impressed. But here are some pros:

1) Free tasting on Thurs-Sat. is great and costs free forty free (how could you pass up some free beer?)

2) Their Friday $5 growler (64oz) refill specials on classic beers is a steal and

3) Their Bike to the Ballpark event is so much fun!

I might have just bashed them a little but I practically fill up their Osiris Pale Ale every week. Look…here is proof (excuse cheeky pic of me with a growler):


It’s a great citrus beer with a mild bitter taste that even my friends that hate bitter beers love. It’s great to share with friends and won’t break the bank. Also, look out in the fall for their Java Mac. It’s essentially the coffee infused variant of the Scottish Ale Classic they are well known for. As much as I didn’t like some of their recent seasonal beers, I could never stop giving them a shot. It’s like the child you really want to see succeed…and I think they will!

Bier Brewery

I only recently did I pay a visit to this brewery for the first time. I was really really really really times infinity impressed. First of all, who the hell drew this!? It’s amazing. JDP3

Just like their chalk boarding skills, their beer brewing skills are quite exceptional. They rotate their beers every week so I have not had the chance to hone in a favorite beer. In fact, they claim that they have not had the same beer lineup for a given week for 1 year, 6 months, 5 days, and 4 hours (since their inception). WOW!

On the week I went, I tried the Roggenschnizzle (seriously who can pass up a beer with a name like that), the John’s Porter, and the P.D.G. (Pretty Damn Good) Pale. I’m a sucker for pale ales and the PDG Pale was as crisp, flavorful, and hoppy like an IPA. I haven’t had too many pale ales like the one at Bier. The plethora of medals on their wall are clearly well deserved.JDP4

Also word on the street is that there is an Optimus Prime statue lurking around their brewery. Go visit ASAP before he must deploy with his fellow Autobots to fight Megatron 🙂

History of Beer Beerfest Connor Prairie

I had the unique opportunity to go to Conner Prairie and get drunk like it was 1865.  This experience included VIP passes (courtesy of my baller friend Sam and his mother Mrs. Logan), an all you can eat buffet, a fancy glass with which I could sample as much beer as I wanted, and coupons for several full sized beers of my choice. YAY!

There was also this guy:JDP5

Because, you know, it’s history and ‘merica loves its guns and booze. Simultaneous with historic gunshots, I also had a chance to sample from ten breweries around Indy. Here are a few that made an impression:

Fountain Square Brewery (Fountain Square area SE of downtown): I’ve only had their Pilsner and wasn’t a fan. Must research with MOAR BEER! It’s on a hip side of town too and definitely worth exploring. I’m sure Anna’s blog will keep you posted on great places to visit.

Thr3eWiseMen Brewery (Broad Ripple): Awesome pizza, cool place to hang out during the ball game, and a killer 8.00% ABV Centenial Martyr Double IPA. I also noticed they have a Hubbard and Cravens edition Porter that I am very interested to try.

Triton Brewing Co (NE of I465 in the Lawrence area)- The Rail-Splitter IPA is a great hoppy IPA without going overboard in the bitter department.

Barley Island Brewing Co (Noblesville): I’ll forgive the fact that they are from Noblesville, especially since their Sheet Metal Blonde is among the best blonde beers I’ve had. On a hot summer day, a refreshing blonde ale would certainly hit the spot.

Union Brewing Co (Carmel): I won’t forgive these guys for being from Carmel but I’ll certainly try their beers out. It’s right off of the Monon and certainly a good place to take a break after a long bike ride. They also have a porter that matches the ‘tude of it’s name: The Sassy Pants Porter.


On that bombshell, I hope you’ve enjoyed and, maybe, learned a few things from my post. This is an awesome blog run by Anna and really goes a step beyond what your average Yelp! review can do. I am truly happy to be a contributing writer on this blog about one of my favorite hobbies.

The great thing about being a beer drinker is that everyone has a different opinion about beers (like anything and everything). I love hearing what other people think about beers and listening to someone’s perception of the beer they drink. “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy,” said a notable founding father. What better way to be merry than to hang out with some friends and share the product of a brewmaster’s diligent and delicious engineering!?


One thought on “Jay Drinks Indy

  1. Nice write up!

    Flat 12 is a favorite. I just pop in, taste two or three, and get a 32 oz bullet filled. The Double Pogue’s is insanely tasty. Their porter is my go-to burger beer too (and on tap at Punch Burger!). Sun King, man, I dunno. They’re the Budweiser of Indy Beer. That’s not a bad thing, they’re going for the higher volume newbie market. I’ll take a Cream Ale every day of the week over any domestic. But, I want to drink a little bit of awesome beer, not a lot of pretty good beer.

    Fountain Square Brewing intrigues me. I like that they give a discount for growler fills on Sunday. Like you, I need to explore their variety more. Three Wise Men does nothing for me. I’ve had a few of their beers via Scotty’s (same owners), and it just is okay beer. If you want good brewpub beer, I suggest Broad Ripple Brew Pub or Black Swan out in Plainfield. Cask conditioned ale is the way beer was meant to be enjoyed.

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