Sushi Bar, Broadripple

I would probably never have tried this place if foodie friend Abby hadn’t suggested we give it a shot last Friday night.  Sushi Bar is newish and has a high rating on Urbanspoon, but I usually try to avoid Broadripple on the scallywag nights of the week for parking and congestion reasons.  But we are adventurous so we made reservations for 8 pm and braved the crowds to check it out.  Photo Jun 21, 8 14 34 PM

I don’t actually have too much to say about Sushi Bar.  We ordered from across the menu and were all pleased with our food, and the prices weren’t too high.  But I would never be tempted to go back-the service was THAT bad.  Photo Jun 21, 8 14 30 PM

I love going out to eat-the whole experience.  Picking a restaurant, scouring the menu all day, dressing up, the whole thing.  So basically for me, nights out start at a high basal level of happiness, and service or food has to be pretty bad for me to end the night grumpy.  I’ll list my problems in bullets to keep from ranting.

  • Sushi Bar was full on a Friday night and had about 4 people working aside from the 2 chefs.  It looked to be an adequate number of servers, but everything was beyond slow. We spent the better part of 2 hours waiting for our entrees and then another 20 minutes waiting for someone to take our payment.  My drink was refilled twice in the two and a half hours we were there and both times a member of our party had to flag down a a server to get refills.  And the flagging down was not easy.  We also had to flag down someone to take our payment.  I’m still not sure who actually got my abysmally low tip, because nobody really seemed to have assigned tables.


  • The food took probably a full hour to arrive once we ordered it, and the sushi for 3 of us came about 20 minutes before the bento box for the 4th.  This led to the starving 3 eating their sushi and feeling bad about it, and the 4th being hungry and then eating alone.  I understand there may be a lag, but this was just way too long.  It also wasn’t addressed at all.  Because we had no server.


  • The bathrooms were just gross.  I’m pretty generous about these things but I leaned against the wall in the hall while waiting for my friend and it was palpably sticky.  Just don’t.

The positives of the night were that the sushi was tasty and the price wasn’t bad.  We ordered pork and vegetable gyoza for an appetizer.  Gyoza are always delicious and these were especially good because they came at about 9 pm and we were famished.  Photo Jun 21, 8 35 31 PM

We also got a teriyaki chicken skewer that left a bit to be desired visually but had wonderful flavor and nice crispy bell pepper.  Photo Jun 21, 8 37 51 PM

Sushi selections were, L-R,

Asparagus tempura roll, Spider rolls, California Roll (Top), Spicy Tuna roll (bottom), Jaguar Roll. (I’d elaborate on the Jaguar roll but the restaurant has no menu listed online)Photo Jun 21, 9 14 16 PM

The only complaint we had was that the spicy tuna roll was of the chopped-into-a-paste variety, which isn’t my favorite.

I had a Spider Roll and salmon nigiri, both of which were great.  Not better than anywhere else, but soft shell crab and salmon are just usually pretty good.Photo Jun 21, 9 14 21 PM

We also had a bento box with a spicy tuna roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura and an entree of beef wrapped around green onion which was very nice.  The bento box was served with soup and salad.  Photo Jun 21, 9 24 43 PM

Since the menu isn’t listed online, I can’t give prices for the items, but the bento box, Spider roll, salmon nigiri, and both appetizers plus a large Sapporo and a non-alcoholic drink was $51.  Definitely a good value and I can see why this place has a good approval rating based on the sushi.

In summary, I would go back for takeout if it were the closest place to me, or possibly for lunch if it were the closest place for me.  But there are SO many other solid sushi places around with comparable prices, easier parking and much better service that I’m just disinclined to ever try Sushi Bar again.

http://Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Sushi Bar, Broadripple

  1. I saw this place a while back and put it on the list of places I want to try. I figured I would wait a couple of months to let the newness wear off and let them get the kinks worked out of the place. Im sorry you had a bad time, but happy to know my policy is sound 🙂

    If the Abby you know works at Naked Tchopstix then we know some of the same people

    • Nope, not the same Abby! That would be so cool though…I love small worlds.

      Yeah I normally agree with you about new restaurants-for your reason and that I don’t like fighting crowds. But this place is like 9 months old now, so i don’t really know that improvement is imminent. About the only thing that could ruin a night out for me is RUDE service and they weren’t that.
      I wouldn’t say don’t go, just maybe go on a Wednesday? And of course, it could always have been a fluke.

      • Wow, I had no idea they had been open that long. Maybe I will try there on a Monday or Tuesday night. BR is usually abandoned those nights…

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