Crack Tacos from La Chinita Poblana


There’s a really cute story about Chinita Poblana and how she brought Asia to Mexcio or Mexico to Asia or something.  And maybe over dessert you can read about it on the back of the carryout menu, because it really is a good story.  But La Chinita Poblana doesn’t need a good story any more than it needs tables or chairs or a bathroom or waitresses.  Their tacos are just off the chain and that’s all there is to it.  IMG_1643

The tacqueria, which occupies the prime location just off Broadripple Ave previously owned by Boogie Burger, describes itself as “Asian Inspired Fusion.”  I think you probably have a sense of how hard I roll my eyes at anything “fusion,” but the combinations here work so well I’ve all but stopped cooking for myself.

It’s not just that you can get tacos, bubble tea, horchata, Mexican hot chocolate, peanut noodle salad, and hot and sour soup all in the same place.  It’s not just that they have chocolate banana egg rolls.  It’s that it’s all delicious.  REALLY delicious. And interesting.  This isn’t the kind of place you consider when you’re craving tacos- this is a place whose food you crave as it’s own genre.Photo May 17, 1 54 54 PM

Photo May 02, 12 25 37 PM

The bubble tea is actually a fresh fruit smoothie with boba in it.  My favorite used to be strawberry pineapple, but tonight the girl working the counter suggested adding coconut milk and now that’s my new favorite.  Photo May 17, 1 56 49 PMPhoto May 17, 1 47 17 PM

They also serve Jarritos, which is of course great.  The agua fresca is also wonderful-I love the strawberry limeade myself.

Guacamole is garlicky and spicy and my favorite in town, hands down.  The salsa is less of a favorite, but still good.Photo May 17, 1 49 58 PM

I’ve had the carnitas, steak, tongue, chicken, fish, shrimp, eggplant, tofu, and a variety of different specials and almost all of them have blown me out of the water.  (Shrimp and eggplant were not quite my speed.)  If it’s your first time, I’d get fish and steak.  They all are marinated with curry and anise and wonderful asian-inspired flavors, then topped with onion, cilantro, and avocado crema.  Photo May 17, 1 53 53 PM IMG_1635

I also love the hot and sour soup.  I also love the flan. I love everything.  And it’s not just me – this place offered 1000 Groupons this morning and they were sold out in an hour.  4 of them went to me.

This place has a fun atmosphere and a cool story and a great location and none of that even made the cut for this review because the food is just so damn tasty that I can’t even be bothered to care about those other things.  Please do yourself a favor and go try them soon.  And if they ever go out of business, don’t bother looking for me.  I’ve cast myself off a high cliff.

http://La Chinita Poblana on Urbanspoon


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