Chicago Hot Dog Company

Photo Jul 05, 12 21 27 PM

This hot dog joint on Michigan Road is at the top of the Indy A-List for hotdogs and some other Chicago-style offerings like Italian Beef.  I’m a Regioner myself and frequently jones for chili cheese dogs and chocolate malts and the pale companion is from the suburbs, so he insisted we try this place.

We tried the fries with a chili cheese dog and a Chicago-style dog.

Photo Jul 05, 12 08 03 PM

All was as it should be with the Chicago dog.  Honestly, any error in the topping formula would have been unforgivable (tomato, neon relish, sport pepper, pickle, mustard and celery salt adorning an all beef dog on a poppyseed bun), but they had the basics down.  The dog was nice and tasty.   Photo Jul 05, 12 09 02 PM

My chili cheese dog was another story.  Everything was fine except, well, the chili.  The seasonings were good, slight smokey flavor and no sweet barbecue hints.  But the texture, for me, was way off.  There were a few tiny chunks of toothsome beef but for the most part the chili had a very offputting runny quality and no beans to speak of.  Of course chili is one of the most personal preference-dependent foods in the world, so I’m not saying this chili was “wrong” the way a Chicago dog with ketchup would be!  It just didn’t make me want to have another at all.  Ever.

Photo Jul 05, 12 08 23 PM

The crinkle-cut fries were fine.   I tend to like my fries a little crispier, but crinkle-cut fries are what they have here.

I did just now read that they serve malted milkshakes, so I will likely visit again just to get my hands on one.  But I’ll be leaving that chili alone.

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5 thoughts on “Chicago Hot Dog Company

    • Hahahah see, this is what I mean! Chili is the most personally dependent preference ever. Blondes v Brunettes, Ford v Chevrolet, pale in comparison. Mostly I didn’t like the grainy texture, but for $4 or so, try it and let me know what you think!

      • Redheads and Buicks 😛

        For $4 I would try a lot. Especially truck food or hole in the wall, should be condemned, health department never heard of them, no stray animals in the neighborhood cuisine. Hey, Ive had dog and it was quite good…

    • I know I know! It wasnt on purpose, but I didnt stop eating it when I found out what it was. It was that good. I figure I have eaten at enough dodgy chinese places I have probably had most domesticated animals in my stomach at one point or another, the dog was had at a street vendor in Hong Kong

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