Roadtrip to Anderson Orchard!

It’s peach season, and as tolerant as I usually am of supermarket produce, mealy bland grocery store stone fruit just offends my taste buds.  So a few weekends ago, we packed up the car and took the scenic route to Anderson Orchard in Mooresville, IN.

The orchard has been a favorite of mine for years and is about 30 minutes southwest of the city.  They are family-owned and operated and offer apples July-November as well as other seasonal goodies.  They also make cider slushies, which I promise will knock your glucometer off.  You can check the calendar for apple variety by season here.

One of my favorite things about the orchard is this:Photo Aug 17, 1 27 17 PM

When there are 50 varieties of apple, I really appreciate being able to sample before I buy a whole bunch of them!  Photo Aug 17, 1 37 13 PMThe staff are great at recommending the correct variety of apple or peach depending on what you will use it for and personal preference.  For example, I was directed toward the succulent Coral Star peach, a yellow freestone variety that falls off the pit.  As the woman who helped me put it “this is what I reach for when I want a sweet juicy mouthful of peach.”  I grabbed a half peck and happily licked juice from my fingers all week long.  Photo Aug 17, 1 28 11 PM

I also stocked up on some green beans, peppers, and tomatoes.  Photo Aug 17, 1 32 51 PMPhoto Aug 17, 1 32 56 PMPhoto Aug 17, 1 34 32 PM

I admired the nectarines, plums, and blueberries.  Photo Aug 17, 1 28 35 PM Photo Aug 17, 1 28 23 PM Photo Aug 17, 1 43 05 PM

However, the best score of the day was discovering my favorite apple variety to date.  I am a fan of sweet-tart, crisp apples-you know, the ones that taste like fall.  I usually opt for Gala, Fuji, or the ever-popular and pricey Honeycrisp.  I had never even heard of an Elstar apple, but it is the best of all worlds.  Just a bit more tart than a Honeycrisp, I could (and did) eat these for days.  Photo Aug 17, 1 30 33 PM

If you are free this Labor Day weekend, take a trip out!  Pack a little picnic to eat by the pond and pick your own raspberries for dessert.  Grab your produce for the week and some extra to freeze or can.  It’s a wonderful way to spend half a day.

I also happen to know that this weekend, the concession stand will open, and look at this list of treats:

-Elephant ears

-Fried biscuits with apple butter

-Apple turnovers

-Apple fondue

-Caramel apples

I dare you to stay away.  This is late summer at it’s absolute most perfect.



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