La Parada: Great Mexican Close to Downtown

I love Mexican food, theoretically.  I have periodic cravings where I imagine myself chomping on delicious chips and downing margaritas and being happy.  Then I go and order something and I get a plate where the soupy bland beans plop out onto the plate and mix with rice that’s red but tastes like nothing and my taco makes me wish I had just gone to a tacqueria.  Like, every time.  So when Frequent Foodie Friend Christina told me La Parada was different, I was cynical.  My hopes had just…they’d been dashed so many times before.  I’m happy to report that she was once again correct-La Parada is different.  I now have a place for Mexican.

The restaurant is just east of downtown, near Flat 12 and Sun King breweries.  It is in a bright building on New York St but is little bit hard to spot because it sits in a strip mall behind the building it occupied until recently.  So keep those eyes open.  Also, the one flaw I found is that they serve beer and wine, but no liquor-so margaritas must be consumed before or after eating here.  I’d recommend after, because you want to be sober for this food.  The inside is cheery and full of bright, painted,carved-wood booths.

The salsa that comes to every table is quite delicious here.  I’m embarassingly spice intolerant, but this was perfect.  Photo Jul 24, 6 18 32 PM

Christina swore up and down we HAD to get the choriqueso dip and she was completely right.  Ignore the little islands of grease on a cask of salty, cheesy, sausagey goodness, this was the best queso I’ve had in a long time.  We cleaned the dish.  Photo Jul 24, 6 23 36 PM

I also tried a steak taco, just to see what the tacos were like because they were only $1.75.  As it turns out, I wouldn’t come back for the tacos.  Nothing was wrong with them, per se, but nothing was special either, and I have plenty of places I love for tacos.  You can’t argue with that amount of meat, though.Photo Jul 24, 6 29 39 PM

The other showstopper of the night was the carne asada platter with shrimp, which we split and did not finish.  The roast onions and peppers, the shrimp in a mild cheesey sauce, the soft flour tortillas, it was ALL great.  This was it!  This is exactly what I am looking for when I crave Mexican!  Photo Jul 24, 6 29 06 PM

I came back a few weeks later with my partner in crime, and guess what we ordered?  Photo Aug 09, 8 22 39 PMIt was just too good not to get again.  This time, for good measure, I tried the elotes, and they were the best I have had in Indianapolis.  I was in heaven.  Photo Aug 09, 8 21 08 PM

I am thrilled to have finally found a place in Indianapolis where I can scratch my Mexican food itch.  There are probably more that are decent like this, but La Parada is now my place.  These guys like it, too.  Photo Sep 14, 5 51 22 PMhttp://La Parada on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “La Parada: Great Mexican Close to Downtown

  1. Hi Anna –
    Great Mexican food – we enjoyed our dinner immensely. caters to the locals – unpretentious colorful décor. clean. amazingly good, bountiful fresh food at amazing prices . the wait staff was very friendly, very helpful.
    thanks for the review – we’ll try another of your recommendations soon.
    Maria & family

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