Heaven on Thursdays: Thai Taste in Castleton

I love Thai food, or at least the Thai food I have had. I’ll admit, though,  I get intimidated when I look at the menu and the names sound similar and the ingredients sound the same in every dish and I always just wind up ordering green curry.  But I’m not willing to order something different, spend $12 and have a meal I don’t like.  So green curry it is, time after time.

A Thai buffet is something I had never heard of and probably would have avoided even if I knew of one.  However, this one:  1.  Was recommended highly to me by my landlady 2.  Is only a buffet one night a week and 3.  Was too irresistible of a concept to ignore.  In Castleton right next to Penzey Spices AND Trader Joe’s (!!!), this is a tiny restaurant in a strip mall that fills up fast on Thursdays when they have the buffet.  The staff are very very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy.  Photo Sep 19, 7 07 45 PMPhoto Sep 12, 6 54 05 PM

As tantalizing as the idea of being able to eat ten Thai dishes plus unlimited spring rolls, lemongrass Tom Yum soup, and coconut milk pudding may sound, if the food quality is lacking, I would just rather not.  Happily, not only was the variety of dishes superb, but the quality and flavor were the best I have had in Indianapolis so far.  (This is limited to my previous haunts: Siam Square, Thai Kitchen, and Sawasdee.)    If I had to pick one dish of the 20 or so I sampled to eliminate, I would be hard-pressed.  The buffet was $12 or $13 and absolutely no fillers-this is all meat and vegetables in flavorful sauce.

Some selections:  Photo Sep 19, 7 10 00 PMPud Thai with chicken, Pud Kra Prow with chicken.  Photo Sep 19, 7 37 35 PMSquid with chili paste, Pud Kra Prow ground pork, and Pepper Beef

Photo Sep 12, 7 17 58 PMTom Yum with chicken, a favorite for it’s strong lemon grass flavor and mild heat.

Photo Sep 12, 7 06 45 PMMussels with chili paste, Stir Fried Beef with vegetables

I know I write all the time about places I like to eat but the proof is in the pudding with this one:  I have been back 3 times in the 2 weeks since I have known the wonders of Thai Taste (once for takeout and twice for the buffet) and have each time been blown away by how flavorful the food is and how packed with meat and vegetables it is for the price.  And hey, if you have to wait for a table you can always explore Penzey Spices next door!

Note:  The buffet is every Thursday night, but the first Thursday of each month is all vegetarian food!  Otherwise, most dishes have meat in them, although you could pick it out easily if your crowd is mixed with carnivores. Whatever night you go, be prepared to force yourself to stop eating.  It’s that good.

http://Thai Taste on Urbanspoon


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