Crepes in Indianapolis? La Paix has a way to go

I like crepes when they are good.  When they aren’t, I feel like someone put fruit in my omelette and it just weirds me out.  I decided to give La Paix at Keystone a try when they promoted via Groupon, but I was underimpressed overall with their crepes.

The atmosphere in the cafe is pretty dark and a little beat up, but certainly not dirty.  Still, we were glad to sit outside.

We tried 3 crepes.  One was a turkey, ham, mozzarella, and cranberry sauce.

Photo Jul 26, 11 46 18 AMPhoto Jul 26, 11 43 39 AM

One was a breakfast crepe with egg, cheddar, and baconPhoto Jul 26, 11 42 32 AM

The dessert crepe had bananas and Nutella.Photo Jul 26, 11 50 01 AM

All the fillings were generous in quanity and I had no complaint with the flavor.  My issue with the crepes here was the thickeness of the actual crepe-whether this was due to batter inconsistency or operator error, I don’t know.  But eating the crepes was a bit of a chore and they were a far cry from the delicate thin pastry I was hoping for.  I most likely won’t go back unless I’m desperate.

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