Getting Cultured in Fountain Square

I’ve been hearing a lot of good buzz about Cultured Swirl in Fountain Square lately.  Fountain Square is always an interesting place to walk around, but until recently lacked a good dessert destination, so I was excited to hear someone had finally pushed froyo south to the district.  Photo Oct 13, 5 58 30 PM

I’m not sure who opened the store, but it is certainly well planned and branded. The Virginia St. storefront is about as cute as can be, with white wainscotting, lots of sunlight, and big swings to sit on while you enjoy your dessert.  Everything is stamped with the Cultured Swirl logo, right down to the wooden spoons.  To say this shop is quaint is putting it very mildly.  Photo Oct 13, 6 00 40 PM

When I stopped in, there were 8 flavors on selection, including Vegan Vanilla.  The vegan vanilla tasted like absolutely nothing, because that is what frozen yogurt is when you take out the dairy.  So I don’t really blame them for the flavor being horrible so much as I blame them for trying to make froyo vegan to begin with.  That’s just dumb.

The other flavors were good- I picked tart peach and tart pomberry.  Normally I am not a fan of the tangy probiotic taste of yogurt and pick froyo that tastes like ice cream.  But this tart peach was really interesting and went perfectly with my decidedly-not-quaint tradition of sour gummi worms on frozen yogurt.  I just can’t resist!  If they’re on the topping bar, I’m eating them, period.

Photo Oct 13, 6 07 11 PM Phil went for a more mature Dutch Chocolate with caramel sauce, pecans, and blueberries.  The chocolate had a rich, creamy flavor that I enjoyed quite a bit.  We also both sampled and enjoyed the salted caramel flavor quite a bit.  Photo Oct 13, 6 08 40 PM

To be honest, the frozen yogurt at Cultured Swirl was nothing I would make a special trip to Fountain Square to eat, since I personally like my desserts full of dairy and chocolate and whatever GMOs are necessary to make them delicious.  But I’m thrilled to have somewhere to go when I happen to be in the area.  And indoor swings are the icing on the cake.Photo Oct 13, 6 06 59 PM

http://Cultured Swirl Organic Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


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