Naisa Pan-Asian Cafe: Ehhhh

My friend Abby and I had a free afternoon recently and decided to try a place we had seen in Fountain Square called Naisa Pan Asian Cafe.  Both huge fans of most Asian food, we were excited to try out the lunch specials.

The atmosphere is modern and fresh, decorated in warm colors.  Overall, the decor is probably the best thing about Naisa, actually.  IMG_7996The menu features pretty standard Chinese fare, not exactly “pan-asian” by my expectations, but I’m far from an expert in regional cuisine.  Maybe it was the dishes we selected, but the food was just completely underwhelming for us both.  I got the chicken chow mein, which was very bland save for a very potent celery flavor.  The texture of the noodles was a nice vehicle for the soy sauce I applied liberally to them, but that was about it.  IMG_7994Abby picked the cashew chicken lunch special, which came with the (tasty but!) smallest seafood cheese wonton I’ve ever had.  IMG_7993The story was the same with this dish:  well-cooked and not heavy or greasy, but lacking any of that delicious flavor that brings me to an Asian restaurant.

The other thing that was notable about Naisa was the extremely long wait we had.  Our entire lunch took almost an hour and a half.  If I had unlimited meals in my life, I would give Naisia another shot, because it wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t…good.

http://Naisa Pan-Asian Cafe on Urbanspoon


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