Miyagi Sushi on 96th

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When it comes to Indianapolis sushi, I’m a bit of a tough customer because I’ve tried everything and I stick to my favorites.  We have no shortage of options in Indy, each with it’s own features and drawbacks, and people tend to be territorial about their destination of choice.  It’s a matter of personal preference and here are mine:

1.  Quality of food:  Obviously, needs to be high.

2.  Attitude:  I’m annoyed by super hip sushi places with tons of signature cocktails and angsty servers.  I’m annoyed by throngs of people I have to jockey with for seating. One particularly bad offender offers pommes frites.  I wouldn’t consider myself a stickler for authenticity, but really?

3.  Menu:  I prefer less sauces, cream cheese, jalapenos, etc.  I prefer more, you know, fish.

For these reasons, I have two favorite places in Indianapolis and one of those is Miyagi.  It’s located in an unappealing strip mall on 96th street, but the ambience inside is modern and interesting, but unpretentious.Photo May 16, 4 47 41 PM Photo Aug 05, 2 36 11 PM

I’ve been at least a dozen times and the staff are always friendly.  They make all my favorite standards, they carry fatty tuna, and they have groupons allll the time.  What else could I ask for?

Hamachi scallion roll Photo Aug 05, 2 58 33 PM


Photo May 16, 4 55 04 PMSpicy tuna, sadly of the pulverized-fish-and-spicy-sauce varietyPhoto Aug 05, 2 58 29 PM


Miyagi 2

I haven’t gotten any lately, but their fatty tuna is very good and their hot rock appetizers are completely delicious.  If you’re in the area, go give them a try.  I promise the interior is better than the exterior, and you don’t have to wear trendy clothes or have a reservation hours in advance.

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