New Day Meadery


This little gem is spitting distance from the fountain of Fountain Square. A few of us visited recently to celebrate engagements and it was a blast and a half.3.22.13 10

They have an extensive menu of mead they brew on site as well as several honeywines.  You can check out the offerings here:   New Day offers 6 tastes for $5 and an array of awesome snacks for purchase, including (at the moment) Brie with honey and prosciutto and platters from Goose. Beat that, I dare you.


Take a gander at those food and cocktail offerings.


The colors, the floors, the alcohol content!


I was, for some reason, under the impression mead was some old-timey dieselish beer. It is not. Apparently mead is what happens when you ferment honey and water, resulting in a sweet, fruity, and DISARMINGLY alcoholic concoction.  Oops.  I took home a growler of Paulding Light, a 5% Sugar, 6% ABV brew of “cranberry & honey wine with fresh lime juice added” and found it to be delicious but just too darn sweet for drinking by the glass. But this place was a unanimous favorite for it’s inexpensive tasting, gorgeous setting, and perfectly complimentary snacks. Try it out and tell me you don’t feel like you feel into Instagram when you see their hardwood floors.

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