First Cookout of the Season

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Yesterday was a perfect day to put into action two rules by which I try to live. Never spend a beautiful day inside, and, whenever possible, share meals with people worth sharing meals with. I had bought this Groupon a while back (those who know me will appreciate my over-the-top Groupon habit- it’s not real money if you spend it online, right?) for a butcher, so I had been dreaming of New York strips basically since…well, since my last steak. Then, they forecast 60 degree sunshine! So the party got moved outside and a few friends met up for that ultimate American tradition-The Grilling of the Meats in Public Spaces.

If, for some reason, you live in Indianapolis but don’t use the canal area, you really should. Perhaps you think it is for runners or joggers or people with dogs. Perhaps you think it is restricted to those in fancy workout gear or with bikes or those silly 6 person bike bus things they rent out at the paddleboat place.


Fun fact: while hunting down this sweet photo, I learned that the 2 person version is called a Deuce Coupe. Dare you to try ask for one with a straight face-double points for saying “Coupe” like Jeremy Clarkson

All I know is that they won’t kick you out for sitting on your duff with a piece of red meat and no intention of moving.  And possibly even with an alcoholic beverage on the Sabbath.


On the menu: Steak, chicken (marinated in white wine, lemon pepper, and other deliciosities by not myself), brats, biscuits with apple butter, all kinda chips, and grilled pineapple.

use4Watermelon in April in a place where it just stopped snowing like yesterday. Say what you want about eating local, this was freakin delicious.


The FDA has yet to approve my health claims about eating in the fresh air or about dining with really interesting and funny people, but I stand by them (for now let’s call them supplements.)